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Training Videos

CAT-X Product Video

CAT-X Product Video

CAT TJR-Glaze Information and Application

CAT TJR-Glaze Information and Application

CAT Air Assist Airless Training Videos

Part 1 (Introduction/bobcat vs cougar/safety information)

Part 2 (Setting up your AAA)

Part 3 (Spraying and Flushing)

Part 4 (Troubleshooting)

CAT AAA Training Video (replacing head insert oring 98-8019)

CATalyzer Training Videos

Part 1 (Intro/Component & Controls/Fluid Section/Safety)

Part 2 (Start Up/Priming/Spray/Shutdown/Reduction)

Part 3 (Mix Guard Operation & Troubleshooting)

Part 4 (Setup for Pre-Catalyzed Materials)

How to Troubleshoot the Mix Guard's Pop Up

Air Motor Basic Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Catalyst Fluid Section (Part 1)

Catalyst Fluid Section (Part 2)

Base Fluid Section Basic Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Quad Valve Basic Maintenance & Troubleshooting

CAT Lynx Spray Gun Repair

CAT Lynx Spray Gun Repair Video